Delap & Waller

Delap & Waller

Northway Mushrooms

Delap & Waller were appointed by Northway Mushrooms Ltd to provide M&E Engineering Services Consultancy for construction of a new mushroom composting plant.

The project entailed the construction of a new processing plant that will produce compost for supply and distribution to mushroom growers. The plant is made up of heavy industrial machinery and equipment.

The M&E systems included the provision of typical building services systems to office and welfare areas, external areas and within the industrial processing area. Due to the makeup of mushroom compost, there is parts of the facility, that have high levels of humidity and ammonia content in the atmosphere. The installation methods and selection of materials within the process areas had to be suitable to achieve an acceptable life cycle in a highly corrosive environment. Our design strategy was to install as much of the equipment and connections outside of corrosive spaces to enhance life cycle of systems and easier maintained.

Mechanical systems included heavy duty chillers, steam boilers, transfer of process liquids, bore wells and a reservoir. Each of these systems were designed to specifications provided by specialist equipment manufacturer and co-ordinated to working drawings.

The electrical installation included a high voltage (HV) connection rated at 2.5MVA to the local grid and provision of HV systems for control and step down to low voltage (LV). The electrical systems included heavy duty industrial cable installation from large scale electrical switchgear to service the process equipment. To ensure electrical and telecoms connections to essential services are maintained, backup generator and UPS systems were provided.

The success of the project was dependant on good co-ordination by all members of the project team during design and construction phases of the project. D&W played an important role in this. We were also responsible for witnessing and validation of the M&E services prior to handover of the systems.