Delap & Waller

Delap & Waller

ADMA (Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company)
Construction Value
Michael O Doherty, D&W Middle East

Delap & Waller was contracted by ADMA (Abu Dhabi Marine Operations Company) to undertake a review of the HVAC network for the Central Amenities Building.

Das Island is situated 120km off-shore in the Arabian Gulf and is one of the UAE’s main Oil Production Centres.

Das Island has a facility to house over 6000 staff, who all live on the Island, and the Central Amenity Building is the Main Eating and Social Facility.

The existing HVAC network was over 30 years old and consisted of 8 Main Chillers, 49 AHU’s and 9 FCU’s. Delap & Waller’s role was to examine all aspects of the current HVAC network and distribution system and propose design solutions which would suit the current requirements, whilst improving efficiency and maintenance costs. The overall capital costs were obviously a major factor in the revised system design.