Delap & Waller

Delap & Waller

Caterpillar Ltd
Construction Value
Gabriel Dunne, Antrim Office

Delap & Waller were appointed by Caterpillar Ltd to provide Project Management on their behalf to deliver a new sprinkler deluge installation at their main factory site in Larne.

The Larne Site had a requirement to protect their research and development facility from an adjacent fuel store. The system was design to deliver 9500 litres/minute on activation to protect the exposed wall of the building. The research and development building was approximately 20 metres in height with restricted access. The caterpillar site was kept live for the duration of the works.

Our role as project managers was to complete feasibility reports, costs reports, prepare tender packages, tender the project and appoint the successful principle contractor and carry out project administration from project start to project completion for the client.

Delap and Waller were principle designers for this project under construction (Design and Management) Regulations (NI) and managed the health and safety information for the project through the Principle Contractor.

Directly appointed by the client, we carried out the following on their behalf:

  • Feasibility Reports
  • Budget Cost Reporting
  • Preparation of Sprinkler Services Performance Specifications
  • Preparation of Sprinkler Services Performance drawings
  • Tendering Process
  • Appointment of Principle Contractor
  • Cost management Services
  • Project Management
  • Witnessing & Validation of Systems
  • End of Year Defects Reporting

We liaised with Caterpillar and their team to ensure that the project was delivered to the client requirements and the programmed dates.

During the 10 week construction period, our remit was to check quality, ensure compliance with specifications and to report on progress of the services installations to our Client.

Prior to handover we verified the commissioning of all the services system and installations.